Explorers are the forthsection of the scouting movement and are aged between 14 and 18 years old.
Explorers do lots of activities based around:
Outdoor activities, Playing games, going out on visits, understanding nature, learning how to keep others safe, First aid, Organisational Skills, leadership Skills and most importantly, making new friends.

Out of all these rather broad categories there are a large range of badges that the explorers can earn and take pride in having them displayed on their

uniform and even earn the Duke of Edinburgh Awards.
If you are interested in joining explorers as a leader or a helper, or have a child that is interested in joining beavers

please feel free to contact us via enquiries@1stshortheathscouts.org.uk.
The beaver programme is constantly evolving and adapting with the needs of the generation, to keep our environment a happy, safe and friendly place to be.